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I had my natal astrologic chart read recently. I am not "into" astrology, but . . .having been curious about the planets and how they might be affecting my life (they are pretty big and heavy and spinning rather fast), it seemed like a fine thing to do.

I will have to review all the notes the astrologer gave me to more fully integrate what was seen. It's hard to keep all those houses and moon and risings and trines straight. But one thing did stick with me . . .I was asked, "do you write?" And the question hit me hard. Sort of like I was being accused of something, or being chastised for not doing something. The questioner had no agenda - it was a simple question. The effect was powerful.

Do you write? The first response was "I should write." Followed quickly by "what do I have to say?" and "who would read it?" I sat with all those self-limiting beliefs

And sat. And did not write. And here it is, many months later. But now I am writing.

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