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The practices of mindfulness and meditation are priceless gifts that have become a vital, valuable part of my life.  I am exploring a new way of sharing these practices, specifically the ways people offer

support/money for my work.    


Beginning in January 2018, I will offer a sliding scale payment guide to help you decide what to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


You are invited to choose one of the amounts listed in chart below, based on your financial situation and how you value the work.  It may be that a different amount will be right for your

circumstances. An annual income amount feels different, for example, if it is supporting an individual or a family of five. Please, use the guide to select an amount that feels right to your heart and your current life situation.

You can offer money through VENMO (@lesliesmith-frank).  OR When you click to pay through this website, you will be taken to my PayPal page.  PayPal will give you spaces to indicate the service you are paying for and to choose the amount.  You can also offer payment by check or cash at your private appointment.

Suggested sliding scale payment system

Annual income                  $25K                               $25-50K                $50K or more

Support Session in a Group       $10                                       $15                          $20 or more

Personal Consultation               $50                                       $75                          $100 or more

6 Private Sessions Package         $275                                     $425                        $525 or more

8 Week Mindfulness Course`    $300                                     $550                        $750 or more

10 week Eat for Life Course        $225                                     $400                        $560 or more                                                                        

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