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Individual Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions

If you have been curious about meditation, are self-taught (through apps and books) or even if you have had an enduring meditation practice, it can be incredibly helpful meet one-on-one with a teacher.  We make many assumptions about what meditation should be like or feel like. Many times, those assumptions keep us stuck in limiting beliefs about our minds and bodies.  Letting go of limiting beliefs can feel great!


When we meet, the 50 minute sessions include guided meditation, reflection, dialogue and inquiry.  My meditation training is primarily in Vipassana (Insight) meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction, as taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn..  I have also studied with Dan Brown, who teaches Tibetan practice. 


Practicing these forms of meditation can allow you to sense more clearly what is actually going on, in your body, mind and heart.  People report feeling more in tune with life - knowing better what is supportive and what is not helpful, then making choices that reflect that clarity.   Sometimes, we are living in a sort of auto-pilot mode, going through the motions, but missing the actual experiences of life.   Meditation helps us wake up to life - not like an alarm clock, but in a way that is kind and gentle. 

One of the many things I learned during the pandemic of 2020-2021 is that meeting remotely over ZOOM is an effective way to connect and learn.  I am also seeing people in person, for now, if fully vaccinated.  You may discover that meeting online serves your needs for convenience and honoring health concerns.  Either way, it's possible to learn the practice of mindfulness meditation through private sessions, remotely or in person.  


I have been meeting with individuals since 2009 for this type of support and learning.  Students report that it's wonderful to get direct feedback and have questions heard, as they arise.

For the cost of individual sessions, please go to ABOUT tab then click PAYMENT.  A sliding scale will guide your payments.

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