Individual Mindfulness Sessions

In these times, no one is meeting in groups in person!  Even without a pandemic, sometimes it's not possible to participate in a class because of your schedule, health concerns or your preference to learn the practice of mindfulness meditation through individual sessions.  


I have been meeting with individuals since 2009 for this type of support and learning.  It's wonderful to get direct feedback and have your questions heard as they arise.


The way I work is to offer mindfulness instruction and teaching based on the mindfulness-based stress reduction model, with the encouragement to practice at home.  Sessions will be tailored to meet your needs and last 50 minutes.   This format is especially useful for those who have unpredictable work or travel schedules, have specific needs related to health conditions, want to jump start a previous meditation practice or want more give and take than a class can offer. 

We can work together through Zoom, a secure online platform.

For the cost of individual sessions, please go to PAYMENT.  A sliding scale will guide your payments.